News - November 2017| ISO 7379 Shoulder Bolts

ISO 7379 | Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder screws ISO 7379 are cost-saving construction elements for a wide variety of different uses.

The maximum tightening torque must not be defined by strength class 12.9, it is instead limited by the relatively small bearing points (shoulders) and by the recesses at the transition point from d1 to d2 and d1to d3.

Standard deviation:
- no information about the concentricity 2 IT 13 and 2 IT 10
- the official ISO standard sheet has the following dimensions for d1 - d2: 6,5-M5 / 13-M10 / 25-M20
- the dimensions 4-M3 and M4-M5 are not included in the official ISO standard sheet

In addition to the standard bolts fitting f9, we also supply stainless steel, fitting H8 or other specials. For enquiries you can always contact us, we are happy to make you a suitable offer.

Check our updated pricelist of ISO 7379 bolts

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