News - March 2017 | Adjusting ring - our reduced prices 

DIN 705
Adjusting rings according to DIN 705 are the most common in use. These adjusting rings with set screw are the most efficient when they are used in combination with a shaft material which is softer than the material of the set screw, such as DIN 914, 916, 553. These adjusting rings are available in Plain Steel, Zinc Plated or Stainless steel A2 and also Stainless Steel A4.
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DIN 703
Adjusting rings according to DIN 703 are less common. These rings have a larger outer diameter and are mostly used for heavier applications.

In addition to the standard items there are also divided adjusting rings available, namely single-split and double-split. The advantage of this item is that they do not damage the surface. Another advantage of the double-split adjusting ring is that it is easier to disassemble.

This item is available standard in Plain Steel, but also in Stainless Steel. We can provide both items. Besides the standard dimensions, we can also provide special adjusting rings with divergent inner and outer diameter.

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