News - May 2017 | Threaded Rods

The threaded bars in Al Metal’s stock are available in several materials, lengths and coatings. According to clients wish we can have the rods cut or produced to any length ranging from 5 mm to 3000 mm. A vast range in stainless steel A2/A4, aluminium, titanium and several steel classes is ready for you in our warehouse.
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Not only the varieties in alloys and lengths is endless, also besides the standard right hand thread, the left hand ones are available as well. And of course with a thread angle of 60°, just the high quality you are used to have from Al Metal. Also trapezoidal threaded rods or studbolts according to ASTM are ready available.

Threaded rods may sometimes be difficult to distinguish, fortunately there are usually encoded by the colours at the ends. DOWNLOAD HERE an overview of the different colours. Very convenient to fasten in your warehouse.

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News - April 2017 | Pricelist Titanium and Aluminium

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Click here for Pricelist 2017 - Aluminium

The Special Metal Parts department of Al Metal B.V. supplies a complete program in exotic materials. Standardly we have fasteners in Titanium and Aluminum in stock.
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Below you can find an overview of the most common materials that we can (partly) supply out of stock or on demand:

Titanium Grade 2, 5 en 7       
Aluminium P40 and P60
Copper (o.a. Cu5 en Cu7)
Hastelloy ®
Inconel ®
Uranus B6
Monel ®
Duplex and Superduplex
Nimonic ®
Zeron ®
Stainless Steel 310, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 409L

In addition, we can offer as much as any material on request.
Enquiries can always be sent to or

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News - March 2017 | Adjusting ring - our reduced prices 

DIN 705
Adjusting rings according to DIN 705 are the most common in use. These adjusting rings with set screw are the most efficient when they are used in combination with a shaft material which is softer than the material of the set screw, such as DIN 914, 916, 553. These adjusting rings are available in Plain Steel, Zinc Plated or Stainless steel A2 and also Stainless Steel A4.
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DIN 703
Adjusting rings according to DIN 703 are less common. These rings have a larger outer diameter and are mostly used for heavier applications.

In addition to the standard items there are also divided adjusting rings available, namely single-split and double-split. The advantage of this item is that they do not damage the surface. Another advantage of the double-split adjusting ring is that it is easier to disassemble.

This item is available standard in Plain Steel, but also in Stainless Steel. We can provide both items. Besides the standard dimensions, we can also provide special adjusting rings with divergent inner and outer diameter.

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News - February 2017 | The less common types of thread


Aside from the metric sizes commonly used here in Europe, we also supply British threads (BA, BSW, BSF, BSP) and American threads (UNC, UNF, UNS, NPT).
- From the tiniest screws to the largest bolts
- From threaded rods to nuts
- From galvanised steel to stainless steel
Please see the overview below for more detail on the different systems for each thread.

Trapezoidal threaded rods (also known as spindles) are used to transfer a rotary motion into a linear motion (or vice versa).
We supply the following trapezoidal parts:
- Threaded rods in steel or stainless steel (1 and 3 meter)
- Hexagonal nuts in steel, stainless steel, bronze
- Round nuts in steel, stainless steel, bronze
In addition, we also supply nuts with flanges, square nuts, threaded rods made to measure and left-hand threads.

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Metric fine threads are used mainly in the car industry. The screw pitch is smaller, meaning fasteners are less likely to be loosened by vibrations. Metric fine castle nuts and lock nuts are also used in applications where fine adjustment is required.
We supply metric fine bolts in various materials, from size M2 up to and including M110. 
See the overview below for the availables pitches per size.

The vast majority of threads are right-hand, meaning the screw or bolt is fastened or tightened clockwise.
However, there are left-hand threads too for special applications such as fitting the left pedal to bicycles, or gas cylinders.
We supply standard fasteners with both left and right-hand threads. Any special items requiring left-hand threads can be custom-made.

DOWNLOAD OUR OVERVIEW of the different types of thread.

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Nieuws - January 2017 | We go that extra mile!

Al Metal BV is an international wholesaler of fasteners. Through our diverse network and the combination of flexibility, service and personal contact we are one step ahead of others, to find the special they are looking for. Because"not possible, does not exist."

From our office in Veghel we supply over 50.000 different items like bolts, nuts, washers, screws, etc. in various metals. Such as stainless steel A2 and A4, Steel 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, (hot dip) galvanized, zinc plated, brass, plastic, aluminum, titanium and more.

In addition to hard-to-get items, we also have large stocks of standards and specials in our warehouse in Veghel. Al Metal BV has specializing for 28 years in the market of industrial fasteners.

Together with sister company Al Metal Special Metal Parts BV we sell fasteners both domestically and internationally. In addition to two offices in the Netherlands, we have commercial agent in South America and there are offices in Portugal and Germany.

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News - November 2016 | Delivery by piece and labelling

Service and customised solutions are highly valued at Al Metal BV. We offer the opportunity for our customers to count items by piece at order. The counted items will be repacked carefully in small bags or boxes. We can label the packages with full descriptions, our logo or the logo of the customer. We comply with what the customer requires.

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News - October 2016 | Fasteners in the world of furniture

The diversity in the application of fasteners is huge. Al Metal is loyal supplier of Artifort. Our hexagon socket screws got a beautiful place in the 'Mood' by René Holten for Artifort. The chair, tables and sofas by Artifort make their way to the houses of design lovers all around the world. And to the collections of famous museums such as the museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Since 1890 Artifort creates design furniture that appeals people, generation after generation. In the last century designers like Kho Liang Ie, Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey D. Harcourt created with iconic classics the base of the Artifort DNA. Anno 2016 is Artifort's style still determined by quality, timeless design, comfort and innovation. It is wonderful that Al Metal can contribute to this success.

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News - September 2016 | Marine fasteners

Al Metal carries a great range of heavy duty, aluminium, brass and stainless steel fasteners. Al Metal is the right contact for all your bolts, washers, nuts, chains, hooks, wire rods, clamps, rivets, pins a.s.o. Also worldwide delivery by courier for ship repair and docking service. We also supply from stock Countersunk Head Screws in Stainless Steel A4 with Torx drive, a common item in the ship and yacht building.

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News - July 2016 | A reliable fastening with self-locking nuts

A self-locking nut (DIN 985), also known as a locknut, is a nut which is resistant to loosening by vibrations or movements. If you want more certainty a nut won't lose, you can use spring washers or locknuts. The nut has a plastic inner collar that snaps when fastening on the bolt or stud. Locknuts are availbale in different materials and qualities, we also supply these items metric fine. Click here for the reduced prices

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